Naming Things is Hard


This is my About page. I've been poking at this site for like six years now. I figured I maybe should have an About page by now.

My name is Darby, I'm a web designer/developer by day, who occasionally messes around with web design/development by night. But at night I'm more likely reading books, writing about books, playing the occasional video game (current obsessions: I've been slowly working through Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the last year or two, I just started in on Dead Cells on my iPad, and after a long time away I just started Dark Souls 3, finally, though I really only rarely get around to picking up any of these for long periods of time), making a killer pizza using home-made sourdough crust (seriously, my dough game is on point, maybe I haven't gotten around to learning React yet but I can throw down some dough, yo), or running three or four miles (or maybe seven if it's a nice weekend afternoon and I've rested for like two days beforehand, I'm old, whatever, it's fine). I'm a dad, with two young boys, who wouldn't touch my pizza if I gave them a dollar, but who do happily watch me play Zelda for the occasional Saturday morning session, so I guess it balances out.

Naming Things is Hard is my technical blog, mostly here for incredibly sporadic web development and design content.

I have a few other things out there that might interest you.

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