Naming Things is Hard

Modernizing the workflow, or, maybe the easy way isn’t actually easier

Moving from a non-git/MAMP-based Drupal workflow into a git/VM-based Drupal workflow is hard. Or at least, it's been hard for me. Of course, I've been poking away at it, sporadically, from various angles, for what feels like about a thousand months at this point. In between holidays and career drama and why-won't-the-baby-just-sleep challenges and all sorts of other distracting interests, like filling sketchbook pages and playing video games, that are actually probably maybe sort of better uses of my time, I'd guess, sometimes. It's kind of a cognitive overload sort of thing; there's a lot of stuff that can and does go wrong along the way, and keeping track of which part of the path you're supposed to be on at any one point in time is...challenging.

But, on the upside, it's also kind of fun, in a nerdy and distracting sort of way. Even if it's ultimately all sort of the long way around to getting back to somewhere sort of like near where you started off from in the first place. 

Another part of the issue is that I haven't found any clear documentation that lays out the entire workflow process and what you need to do to get there, that matches up with exactly what I think I want to be doing. Which may or may not be the "right" thing to do. Which likely looks a little something like this fairly poorly ordered not-terribly-hierarchal list of thoughts:

The good news is I think maybe finally I'm getting close to this personal utopia of putting-all-the-thinking-into-not-having-to-think and in subsequent posts I hope to share what I've learned, in part with myself in the future when I have to retrace my steps for new projects, in part with anyone else out there who has seen what I've seen out there on Google: lots of pieces of the puzzle but no clear photo on the front of the box to show how it's all supposed to fit together.


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