Naming Things is Hard

Why I’m Publishing Draft Posts (Draft Post)

The reality is I’m publishing draft posts, anyway, as they’re going to show up in the git repo the moment I save them and push them out, so it feels a little...something to act like I’m actually keeping them secret until they’re done. So there’s that.

There’s also...I get a lot of ideas in my head, and they might make good posts, but also, I’m fussy as heck when it comes to writer (my background is as a writer), so it’s too easy for me to not bother writing anything because I know as soon as I start writing something I’m going to want to fuss over it until it’s, to me at least, good enough.

So I’m thinking if I post the drafts, maybe I’ more stuff, period. And I’ll feel less need to spend time on things that don’t warrant it, and more time on things that really should be polished up and finished off and chucked up to the main content area.


Also plus it was just kind of an excuse to figure out how to do some things in 11ty, how to filter things from collections and how to move things into additional channels. So there's that.


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