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101 Ways to Animate Things (Draft Post)

I've started a new thing that might be useful, for you or for me; it's called 101 Ways to Animate Things.

Animation might be one of my favorite things to do. Not just on the web, though, yes, particularly on the web these days; it's been years since I've had the chance to honestly take After Effects or Blender for a spin. When it comes to the web I think it tends to be (for me) one of those things that's easily brushed off to the end of a project, or just completely brushed off, period. For various reasons; it either feels extra or unnecessary, or it just requires some designer/coder mindset that isn't always on tap while I'm handling things that feel more necessary or less extra.

So this new site I'm working on is meant to be a way to at least help bridge the gap between what I want to do more regularly and my perceived ability to get it done efficiently. Like, I love everything about Intersection Observer, and just having a personal repository of usage examples and code ready to go should make it that much easier to use it wherever I might need it. It's also meant to be a playground for experimenting with things I wouldn't otherwise get around to using; like, I don't think I need GSAP right now, but you never know, right?

I'm using Fractal (which I love) because it's ultimately a fantastic tool for organizing a whole bunch of discrete (yet potentially connected) bits of code like this; I can continue to fuss with how I organize the samples as the project develops, and Fractal gives it all a nice browsable UI. (Fractal: it's not just for pattern libraries! Or at least, it's for pattern libraries, and maybe this one other thing I'm doing with it!) This use of Fractal also gave me cause to learn how to do some dumb stuff around file manipulation, which is all buried in shell scripts, in case that's of interest to anyone.

I should point out that "101" is either an aspirational or a pessimistic number; more likely this will turn out to be, like, 45 ways, or 5000 ways. I don't know.


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