Naming Things is Hard

Two Random Things

First, I've been thinking about how I should figure out a way to post to this blog without needing to open up the repo locally; I really like the way I have this set up and all, but that's been kind of a blocker. Then I got to wondering if I could just duplicate a file on the Github website and edit it directly. Which lead me to the fact that they put VS Code in the browser, which is ridiculous, but, okay, here we are. This might work.

Second, I just dropped a new Link of Note for the first time in forever, which immediately reminded me that I broke the templates for Link of Note and Today I Learned posts, when I was last messing with the design of this site. So those look weird. Maybe I'll find some time in the next year to fix them. I think there was more I wanted to do with them. Maybe. I don't know!


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