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Static CMS Integration

I love static sites, but doing a blog as a static site (as this one is) has long come with the pitfall that I don't actually use it much, because of how all the content files are in the code repo, and that means either needing to do all my content entry directly into the repo, or going out to the repo on Github and manually adding files, or whatever. If only there was a way to manage the content as if it were a unique part of the system…

Enter Static CMS! Which is actually a fork of Netlify CMS, a project which I knew about but which I'd never looked into, as I'd mistakenly assumed it was some kind of premium database-driven back-end thing, which it turns out it is not, nor is Static CMS: instead, these are basically basic web apps that present an admin interface for manipulating the content files in the repo, directly, no database or whatever system required.

And…it's pretty slick. I have some things I want to try upgrading, but as a concept—as a way to make “content entry” feel like actual content entry—it's all there. Hopefully the project keeps its momentum going (and hopefully I find some blogging momentum in using it).


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