Naming Things is Hard

Today I Learned

...(again) how easy it is to customize SublimeText

I've been diving into Drupal module development a bit lately, which means diving back into PHP, which means doing quite a few goofy Drupal arrays, which means a lot of parentheses broken across multiple lines. I noticed I was doing a lot of manual reformatting of the parens because they weren't lining up correctly. Turns out, it's actually really easy to fix that.

One note I'll add is that when copying that macro file to the User folder, you need to update res://Packages/Default/ to res://Packages/User/ as the file location. I wasn't entirely sure how SublimeText referenced the User folder, but that seemed to do the trick. Especially nice with the User folder synced via DropBox (so hopefully I won't have to remember how to do this on my home machines).


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