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Today I Learned

...about allowing incoming requests for MySQL

Out of curiosity I was investigating updating a Drupal 7 build to Drupal 8, using the Drupal 8 Migrate modules in core. After trying and failing to get the 8 site in a DrupalVM to pull in from a 7 site in Dev Desktop, I jettisoned Dev Desktop and got the 7 site up and running in Drupal VM as well, which itself was no small feat (which I should probably write up for the next time I try to do this). From there for the life of me I couldn't get 8 access to the DB from the 7 site, and I'm not a devops pro so this involved a lot of raised eyebrows and fingers hovered over the keyboard, not being sure where to even go next. Eventually I landed on this comment, which got me wondering if the 7 VM even was allowing the incoming connections at all. Sure enough, it wasn't: adding the MySQL port to firewall_allowed_tcp_ports in config.yml opened up the connection and, from there, the migration was smooth. Well, smooth, in that, it helped sate my curiosity about just how much of a challenge that particular upgrade will be.


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